True Alignment



Recover from Injury.
Enhance Performance.
Live Pain Free
Satisfaction Guauranteed
Bringing balance and alignment to bodies through tissue manipulation, and movement re-education.


What to Expect

A typical Structural Integration session lasts between an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes. Hands-on bodywork is usually followed by movement education to enhance the long-term benefits from the session.

Your first visit will include:

  • A thorough explanation of Structural Integration.
  • A thorough personal assessment to get to know you and what brought you to choose Structural Integration.
  • A detailed assessment of why you are in pain and what SI can do to help.
  • Hands-on bodywork with your active participation through movement.
  • Specific movement education to compliment your results from the hands-on treatment.
  • Any other questions or concerns you have will be addressed as needed.

What to wear:

  • Men often wear boxer briefs or underwear during treatments.
  • Women often wear bathing suits or adjustable work out style clothing.

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