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Bringing balance and alignment to bodies through tissue manipulation, and movement re-education.

FAQ's About Structural Integration

How Does Structural Integration Work?

Structural Integration addresses the body's compensations by working with injured and/or stressed fascia. Through specific techniques, the practitioner will balance and align dysfunctional patterns in the myofascia. Over time, this connective tissue becomes more functional, hydrated and balanced. Benefits include recovering from injury, increasing adaptability, improving mobility, and achieving a pain-free lifestyle. This systematic approach to relating gravity through the myofascial layers aligns the body and improves posture. Click Here to learn more.

How Does Structural Integration Feel?

Every individual has a different experience with hands-on bodywork. Structural Integration involves deep tissue work. Therefore/Thus, trauma, injuries, stress, emotions, and tension all play a roll in how the client processes his/her treatments. Patients report that the work varies from enjoyable to temporarily intense. Through direct communication and feedback between client and practitioner, the intensity of the process is adjusted to the client's liking. Most clients thoroughly enjoy the series and return for treatments for their body related injuries and concerns.

Does Structural Integration Last?

YES! SI treatments address and focus on the fasciae of the body. Due to this specialized approach, benefits last much longer than a regular massage. As these tissues adapt, clients often realize a new relationship with gravity on their overall structure. This is one of the keys elements to lasting change through SI.

Are There Psychological Benefits?

While Structural Integration facilitates beneficial changes in the physical body, it also affects the whole being. Bodies often store emotion in tissues. These thoughts, feelings, and beliefs may be the root cause of the tension in areas of discomfort. Addressing these terrains can bring great psychological benefit to individuals ready to explore this aspect of SI.

What are the Benefits?

Human beings are complex. Everyone's experience with SI is different. Most clients report all or many of the following benefits from SI work.

Improve posture Recover from injury Resolve Pain Relieve anxiety Higher energy levels
Feel younger Restore mobility Greater flexibility Release tension Enhance physical performance