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Ten Session Series

Structural Integration is a holistic system used to align and balance the physical body within the gravitational field by freeing and reorganizing the myofascia, or connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Dr. Rolf discovered that the body is organized in layers and that in order to create lasting change, the Structural Integration Series must first address the superficial layers before working with deeper, more core layers. Structural Integration is a 'system' of ten sessions. The first three sessions are called "The Sleeve" and cover the superficial fascia. The middle four sessions are called "The Core" and cover the deeper myofascial structures. The last three sessions are called "Integrative" and create structural and functional adaptability within the whole body.

The Ten-Series can be divided into three distinct units:

The Sleeve Sessions: 1 to 3

These are the superficial sessions. The "sleeve" of your body is the outer fascial layers. This is the part of your body that performs fast powerful movements. You can think of it as a thin wet suit just underneath your skin. The primary goals for the first 3 sessions are to open, lengthen, and organize these extrinsic tissues. This will create the space needed for the deeper layers to unwind and release through the next four sessions.

Session 1 - Opening the sleeve

You will get a sense of lift in your body. Your breathing pattern will be addressed by releasing the superficial fascia of the ribs and thorax.

Session 2 - Support for the body

You will get a sense of grounding in your body. Your feet will be more fluid and adaptable as they support the vertical dimension in your body.

Session 3 - Lateral line

You will experience the dimension of depth (front to back balance) and freedom of the arms and shoulder girdle from the spine.

Core Sessions

These are also referred to as the 'deep' sessions. The "core" of your body is the inner fascial layers. This part of your being is the area of slow, stable postural movements. The goals of these core sessions are to open, lengthen, and organize these intrinsic layers.

Session 4 - Medial Line

You will build up core support and strength from your feet through your legs to the bottom of your core. You will experience more lift in your body and start to get a sense of “the Line.”

Session 5 - Anterior Line

You will extend your line of support up to the head along the front of the spine. This will further your sense of front-to-back balance in your body. You will also get a sense of leg movement from the core, rather than from the hips.

Session 6 - Posterior Line

You will feel a sense of length in the front and the back of the core. You will experience movement from your legs to your undulating spine.

Session 7 - Adaptability

You will feel the relationship of your head and neck as a fluid extension of your spine.

Integrative Sessions

The first seven sessions take the body apart to get the individual segments functioning properly on their own. The last three integrative sessions put the individual parts back together into a more efficient functioning whole. This is the stage where the sleeve and the core integrate and interact to become one complete functioning unit. Clients report a greater sense of core to sleeve translation, allowing effortless more integrative movements throughout their day-to-day activities.

Session 8 - Structural Integration

You will experience a secure foundation in the pelvis and legs for the upper body, neck and head to be supported. This creates a sense of stability and adaptability in your body.

Session 9 - Functional Integration

You will experience contralateral movement in your body. You will feel the transfer of motion and energy from the core to the sleeve. All movement will start to initiate from the lumbodorsal hinge-the area in front of the vertebral column at the mid to lower back.

Session 10 - Integration

You will have a sense of “the Line” and of everything being connected. You will have a full sense of your body in 3 dimensions and moving in any direction with equal ease.

Each session of the ten series has a specific goal to accomplish. Each session builds upon the last session and prepares the body for the next session. The time in-between sessions allows the body to integrate the new information or changes that were experienced in the session. The session is not over when the client gets off of the table; it is a continuous process of opening, shifting, unfolding, and organizing into an increased sense of wholeness.