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Bringing balance and alignment to bodies through tissue manipulation, and movement re-education.


" I was skeptical of trying Structural Integration at first since I never heard of it before. Now I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made with regards to fixing my lower back pain. I have referred many friends to Rocco for SI work and will continue to do so as long as I can. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very aware of what the body needs for healing naturally."

- Jerry C. - Newport Coast, CA

"I was a long distance runner and did irreparable damage to my left Achilles tendon. After six weeks of wearing a restrictive boot that completely immobilized my lower leg, my Orthopedic Specialist told me surgery was the only option left. Long story short, after my first session with Rocco, I was back to walking completely normal and pain free. I am now a regular client and a huge fan of Structural Integration."

- Linda P. - Fullerton, CA

" I've been involved in many motorcycle and vehicle accidents throughout my lifetime. I came to Rocco with lots of minor bothersome conditions from my 58 years of riding and enjoying life. After my initial 10-session treatment, I can tell you Rocco works wonders. Every nagging condition that caused daily discomfort is gone!! I now see Rocco a few times a year and remain pain free! Thanks for the great work! Keep it up!! Time for a corona!"

- Jeff M. - Oceanside, CA

"With all my mixed martial arts and cross training over the last seven years, my body felt like a train wreck! I did a ten-session protocol with Rocco and I feel brand new again. It feels like a total reset to before I began competing and training. Back to 100% Thanks man."

- Junior P. - Huntington Beach, CA

"After being rear ended at 50mph while at a stop light, my lower back became a nagging debilitating issue. After going through many chiropractors, massage therapists, and a pain management doctor, I was desperate to find relief. I received a ten series over three months and its now been four years. I have never dealt with the pain since! Thank you.

- Vince M. - Costa Mesa, CA

"I was a professional dancer for over a decade of my life for Disney. I have always kept an athletic physique and am driven to stay active. Over time, I developed what doctors called a shoulder impingement. Nerve pain ran down my shoulder and was very detrimental to my ability to stay active and even kept me up at night. Rocco told me he could help. It took 4 months for me to sign up for his treatments. I should have signed up 4 months earlier than I did. My shoulder completely recovered and I continue to stay grateful to this day. My boyfriend of 7 years is thankful too! Cheers!!"

- Kat B. - Huntington Beach, CA