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Recover from Injury.
Enhance Performance.
Live Pain Free
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Bringing balance and alignment to bodies through tissue manipulation, and movement re-education.

Who can benefit?

The answer to this question is easy: ANYONE!

Anyone looking to recover from injury, release tension, enhance performance, reduce stress, improve mobility, feel younger, achieve greater balance and alignment, or simply live pain free can benefit from Structural Integration.

People of all ages and walks of life are welcome. There are no age restrictions or age requirements. From newborn babies to senior citizens, Structural Integration has helped thousands of people recover, heal and improve their lives through natural, non-invasive and therapeutic treatments.

Here are a few examples:

A 62-year old, white, female long distance runner does "irreparable damage" to her left Achilles tendon. The doctors told her surgery was the answer, after weeks of wearing a restrictive boot lock that covered her calve, ankle and foot. Patient was not able to stand on her left leg or walk correctly, much less run, as a result of her injury. She had limited mobility which radically impaired her active lifestyle and restricted her career as a housekeeper.

With just one session of Structural Integration, the woman was able to walk without hesitation, regained flexibility in her ankle and showed no signs of pain on or around her Achilles. With continued treatment (bi-monthly), patient has made a full recovery without surgery. Her doctors are amazed at the recovery.

A 27-year old, white, male extreme sports enthusiast has chronic lower back pain diagnosed as Degenerative Disk Disease by medical professionals. With over a year of searching for relief through therapeutic massage, chiropractic treatments, and physical therapy, doctors told him the only option left was pain management and/or surgery.

After a total of ten sessions and a couple follow up maintenance sessions of Structural Integration, the patient has made a complete recovery and remains pain free. He was so inspired by his results from the ten series that he now has a successful practice offering Structural Integration.